UpCity's Top Digital Marketing Agencies

Liquid Creative was named one of UpCity’s Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Jackson, MS, for 2018, and what an amazing honor to be included along with many other great local agencies. UpCity is an online comprehensive directory of marketing and advertising professionals for small to medium-sized businesses.

There tends to be a misconception that only large, multi-million dollar companies can afford an advertising agency, and UpCity is helping to bridge that gap by offering this free list of top quality agencies all over the United States. Since the creation of social media and the everyday developments, digital marketing has become one of the most important aspects of advertising.

The great and difficult part of being a part of today’s advertising world is staying on top of trends, especially those dealing with social and digital media. This requires our Liquid Creative team to constantly be researching, testing and creating new and different techniques. We have a wide range of clients, so it is equally important that we specify these methods for each individually.

What makes Liquid Creative stand out against other agencies, you ask?

We take a team approach to all projects and clients. Every project begins with a team meeting, where questions are answered, creative direction is discussed, and roles and responsibility are determined. There is a fluid-like motion to how the creativity and ideas flow throughout the office. We collectively work to provide our clients the best, polished finished product imaginable.

If you’d like to learn more about Liquid Creative, follow us on one of our many social media outlets, or take a look around our website.