Preparing for 2019 Social Media Trends

Social media marketing is an ever-changing and fast-moving area of advertising for companies, so it’s extremely important to stay informed regarding current and upcoming trends. With the many privacy and integrity issues that came to light in 2018, there were many sudden changes that made organic content more difficult to receive traction, as well as to how advertising dollars were being spent across the different outlets. The trends of 2019 will reflect these occurrences and offer insight as to what audiences desire from brands in the future. Here are 3 trends that businesses can expect in the New Year with regard to social media marketing.

1) Will We Ever Trust Again? As previously mentioned, the privacy and integrity issues that arose this year have turned many users off from social media outlets and have caused difficulty for businesses in regards to reaching their target audiences. In a recent study completed by Edelman, more than 60% of users no longer trust social media. How do we go about changing this in the New Year? Followers are going to want to feel that there is a sense of transparency with a brand’s messaging. Users are looking for less celebrity-influenced endorsements, which are purchased support, and more direct opinions from their inner circle. This leads us to the rise of local social media influencers, who are typical, everyday kind of people that users can relate to and trust. These new types of influencers are going to be key for companies when developing content and regaining trust in 2019.

2) A Story is Worth a Thousand Views With social media outlets, such as Facebook and Instagram, taking a page out of Snapchat’s book with regards to Stories, they are more popular than ever and are expected to grow even more in 2019. Expect Stories to become a more effective outlet for messaging and brand awareness for companies, big or small. Make a New Year’s Resolution to start getting familiar and creative with your business’s Stories. Try posting at different times throughout the day, as well as create storyline-based content. This new outlet is going to take more time to create and develop, so having team support is key.

3) Stretching Marketing Dollars Organic social media content met its match in 2018. Now for a business or brand to make an impact, they must pay to play. According to a study completed by Hootsuite, one out of four Facebook pages now use paid media, which is causing prices to increase and making coverage more difficult. Moving forward into 2019, how can we ensure we’re receiving the most bang for our buck? Creating a traditional social media ad is becoming a thing of the past. Users have become desensitized to them and are able to easily swipe past a paid advertisement without giving it a second thought. Moving into the New Year, companies that utilize social media as an outlet for marketing purposes are switching to paid boosts. With a boosted post businesses are able to optimize organic content, as well as put themselves in front of their target audience. This is going to be the best practice for companies’ social media dollars in the future.