Liquid Creative Announces 2019 Nonprofit Partner

Every year Liquid Creative chooses a nonprofit to partner with throughout the year and gifts them with necessary marketing assets to promote their cause and raise awareness. For 2019, the Mississippi Center for Medically Fragile Children has been chosen as our nonprofit partner.

The Mississippi Center for Medically Fragile Children is a nonprofit organization based in Jackson, Mississippi, and its goal is to provide the first pediatric skilled nursing facility in the state. The center will not only help children and families transition from the hospital back to their homes but will also provide long-term care for some of our state’s most vulnerable pediatric patients.

After more than six years of research and development, the Mississippi Center for Medially Fragile Children is ready to make this vision a reality and lead the nation in long-term pediatric palliative care, and they need everyone’s help. Join us in helping to build this much-needed 30-bed facility by donating today!

Every dollar donated is going to providing these children a sanctuary for a healing and forever home.

For more information or to donate visit their website.

MCMFCFragile Children Rendering.jpg