Children's Advocacy Centers of Mississippi 20th Anniversary

Children’s Advocacy Centers of Mississippi (CACM) is celebrating its 20th Anniversary of saving and protecting the abused, neglected, and trafficked children of Mississippi. To honor this major achievement, CACM is initiating a yearlong, statewide movement, “I Protect Children” that encourages everyone to become aware and get involved to improve the environment for child victims and families of abuse and maltreatment. “During the 20-year journey of Children’s Advocacy Centers of Mississippi, we have served and protected 44,064 children,” said Karla Tye, Executive Director of CACM. “By launching the ‘I Protect Children’ movement, we hope to spread awareness of the groundbreaking work child advocacy centers around the state are achieving. Some of our most important innovations include coordinating investigative training and teamwork across agencies, our nationally recognized educational collaborations with state colleges and universities, our research-based advances in investigative forensic interviewing, and our emphasis on victim advocacy and treatment. These remarkable achievements are profoundly changing the future for so many of our at-risk children.” Liquid Creative is proud to have partnered with Children's Advocacy Centers of Mississippi since 2013. We support them and their challenge to defeat child abuse. We look forward to continuing this mission with them for another 20 years. Click here to check out our video we made to honor their anniversary. Happy 20th Anniversary, Children's Advocacy Centers of Mississippi!